for young musicians from all over the world

What for?

Our mission is to give children and young musicians the opportunity to move to a different level of their potential. Get the motivation to grow your talents. To perform on a big stage with professional equipment, along with creative children from around the world, is a dream that will become a reality for every contestant. Loud concerts, cool prizes and a bunch of new enthusiasts are just a part of what you get guaranteed when you get to the competition.

How it started

The competition for the first time took place in 2016, in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was a small concert in one of the city rock clubs. There were not many participants, but already the following year, the number of people willing to participate was so great that it was necessary to rent one of the largest clubs in the city and to conduct several stages of selection to determine the really best. Applications from teams from other cities and countries began to arrive. Hundreds of people attended live concerts, thousands of viewers watched performances by online broadcast.

2018 year

The competition in 2018 goes to the next level of development and becomes international. New partners and sponsors join the competition, applications are accepted for participants from any country. Write to us if you want to join our team or want to support the contest in your city: ilove@schoolbandsbattle.com